This is a page for everyone to take a OC from, and I'll make sure to make them creative!

~Note: If you take an OC, make sure to put "Taken" under the OC form~



Name: Robinheart

Gender: Either

Age: 12-119 moons old

Pelt & Eyes: S/he has a long/short-furred, blue-grey pelt, and beautiful/handsome blue eyes

Personality: Robinheart seems like your ordinary everyday happy cat, who cares for all his/her Clanmates. But, (a cared one of theirs dying, or you can make up your own idea!) caused he/she to be down for awhile. But he/she managed to get back on their paws and to work, but sometimes when s/he's reminded of (the traumatic event, or the person that suffered from it), s/he can be down for awhile. But s/he is mainly a happy cat, who does her best to help others.


  • Generous
  • Caring
  • Kind, except when s/he's mad
  • Her/his's hard time making up a joke can actually make others laugh
  • Tries her/his best at everything she does
  • Has a wide knowledge of herbs
  • Can be stubborn
  • Is curious about many things


  • Can pity the ones who don't deserve pity
  • Clumsy on a regular basis
  • S/he is horrible at fighting, considering she doesn't wish to hurt anything
  • Can be stubborn
  • Can be grumpy
  • Sometimes cats take advantage of his/her's kindness
  • When down, almost anything can make a spark of anger in her
  • Sometimes s/he gets distracted when hunting

Can be brought down by anything related to the traumatic event

  • Robinheart
  • Robinheart/Boy in Anime
  • Robinheart/Girl in Anime


Name: Wire

Gender: Tom

Age: 1-150 moons old

Pelt & Eyes: Small, short-furred brown/grey pelt with golden eyes

Personality: Wire is a creative and thoughtful cat, causing him to be a quite quiet cat. He is known to be soft-spoken and not talk alot, but if you can start up a conversation with him, you'll be fascinated by how just one cat can think. He keeps his thoughts in his head because he knows you can't handle them. He is frankly a bit shy, and it's very hard to get him angry. But when you do get him angry, he will shut you out of his world forever, and forget you're even a living thing. He has an instinct to be loyal, but he is afraid easily. Battles scare him a bit, and he can be jumpy at times.


  • Creative
  • Loyal
  • Thoughtful
  • Quiet
  • Intelligent
  • Shy
  • Not judging
  • You must interact with him a lot to be able to get to him and his emotions
  • Secretive


  • Can keep in thoughts because is afraid of being judged
  • When you anger him, he can shut you out of his world forever
  • Forgetful
  • Jumpy
  • Can be a doormat
  • He has low self-esteem, so when people judge him/laugh at him, he takes it to heart
  • Afraid of many things
  • Secretive