Hi, my name is Pandagirl, though you can call me Stormtail, Storm, Stormy, Pandagirl, or just plain panda, though please, the song is getting annoying.Im writing this for those who are sad and wanna relive the good ol' days. So, I hope you crack a smile, here it is!

Okay, so I first joined Sageclan by its first ever calling in serepia forest, and I was about to not even join it! The last clan exiled me for no reason, and I litterally cried myself to sleep that night. I remember thinking to myself ' lets give this a shot' So I went into the den, and then a few days later I met some of my best friends ever, you guys. I dont want to offend anyone, though my close close friends are Wolfypuppy9,(even though we werent friends at first), My apprentice Twilightsparkle600, and my good friend Noodlefoxx. So WAY before Twilight became my apprentice, I was promised to be her mentor by a former friend, Orchidstar (sealloverlovesseal.) time passed, and we Ivyclan had amazing afterparties. Then, one afterparty, I created the now legend, Sunface.